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British Multi Designers, We do cheap web hosting in London and cheap domain names services London. We have some of the cheapest hosting and domain prices in London but we don't have the cheapest service. All of our web servers are located in UK.

So when it comes to getting a decent insight into the best cheap web hosting companies for London, you’ve come to the right place!

What Is Website hosting?

Every website, once built, needs to be available for everyone to see it. This is achieved by uploading the Website to a web hosting. Web hosting is all about storing the files of the website on high powered computers that are connected to very fast networks, called as the servers.

Each server provides an identification number while hooked on to the internet, the IP address, which allows other computers to find them. When a URL is typed and searched, the internet connects to the server that has the IP address which is with that particular URL and the website is displayed.

Before choosing a website hosting provider you think of it all and ask them.

Disk Space, Number of domains and sub domains, Bandwidth, Email Accounts and Features, Mobile App or Website, Tech Support, htaccess Files, Cron Jobs, Language Support, Site Backup, Free Domain*

Customers would always like a website to load faster and tend to visit a website often if they like it.

If you confuse to find all those services in one place. British Multi Designers provide cheap domain hosting all over London. We completely providing all website hosting solution in Londonand Website design and developmen solution London. Our service, here, is all about not only build Website designing remain online but also to make it work faster and better.

We maintain stability, reliability and affordability. There is more than just a simple website hosting services. Our service makes it easier for you to manage your website, upload files and install scripts. We are professionals and provide you the service that you deserve. Check our website design speed.

 The True ENTREPRENEUR is a risk taker not an excuse maker  
- Cameron Moll 

Picking a good website hosting?

The visibility of your website on the internet relies on your web hosting. So the experience of the visitor from you your site relies on where you put your Website then you search for best web hosting company in London. All that is to be expected out of a good server are security, reliable speed and as little downtime as possible. The security must evolve as the technology does, for hackers and spammers are getting smarter and viruses are growing. We provide both domain name registration and web hosting services in London.

Web hosting services in London

Reliability of our web hosting?

Our web hosting has been one of the most reliable ones among a lot others. The experience of our client has been satisfying. 99.8% of the time, you would find no hosting related issues anytime you try to access your website.

The rest 0.2% happens because of server maintenance and updates which require restarting the server.We also rely on a triple redundancy system, meaning if any sort of natural disaster were to happen on one of our Data Centres (the place that houses the server), we would still have backups in 2 different locations that could be activated in an emergency. Not every hosting company can offer that.

We offer exclusive packages for our clients. We believe this will provide solution for their website needs at one stop. Our servers are optimized to work with your site and have an average of 99% uptime.

There is no website without hosting!

Our hosting packages are strictly for our customers only

Reliable Web Hosting

Offering you reliable hosting at an affordable price London.

Our Web Hosting packages are offered exclusively to our clients. We offer these in order to provide our customers with a one stop solution for their website needs. Our servers are optimized to work with your site and have an average of 99% uptime.

In order to maximize the communication between the information of your website and the search engine, the site has to be reworked time to time. We can do just that with the right people. We assure you the best service.

Cheap Web Hosting Company in London